• Campus Alignment

    Our campus alignment plan is driven by the desire to ensure all campuses have adequate space and resources to meet student needs at each campus to allow for more personalized support. Counselors with specialized backgrounds in trauma and grief will be available to serve students and staff at all district campuses.

    • The Uvalde Elementary (the Benson Complex) campus will serve students in third and fourth grade under the direction of the teachers, and support staff, from Robb Elementary.

    • Flores Elementary will serve students in the fifth and sixth grades. The teachers, support staff, and administrators at Flores Elementary will remain in place.

    • Crossroads Academy will be relocated to 537 E. Oppenheimer Street. This facility will meet the Academy’s unique needs for a flexible school day with a focus on individualized learning plans.

    • New Hope Daycare will be located in the north building at the Benson Educational Complex.

  • Campus Information