• UCISD School Health Advisory Committee


What is (SHAC)?

  • A SHAC is a committee made up of a variety of community and district stakeholders who meet to discuss issues regarding the health and wellness of the students, faculty, and community. Any member of the public can participate in SHAC activities and bring issues forward to the SHAC committee. SHACs provide guidance and develop policies to address wellness concerns within the district. SHACs work in conjunction with the school board to enact those policies and procedures into practice.

    UCISD SHAC Operating Procedures


    The Uvalde CISD SHAC shall consist of a mix of district employees from relevant departments, parents, and community members.


    The Uvalde CISD SHAC will have three officers. These are the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Recording Secretary. Nominations of officers will occur annually.

    Developing the Agenda:

    The UCISD SHAC Chairperson will set the agenda for the meetings. If a member would like something placed on the agenda, they will need to notify the chairperson at least two weeks in advance. The recording secretary will email the agenda to the membership one week prior to the meeting unless an emergency meeting is to be called.

    Conduct Meetings:

    Meetings are to be held at least three times a year or more often at the discretion of the council chair. Meeting dates and agendas will be posted online on the UCISD SHAC Webpage to inform the community of committee activities. Emergency meetings may be called as necessary at the discretion of the committee chairperson.


    Voting on issues will be done by a quorum of at least five (5) voting members with a simple majority passing/failing the issue. In the event there is not five (5) members present, the issue will be tabled until a quorum is met. If a member has a concern with an issue that has been addressed, a narrative summary of those concerns will be added to any information that is released to the board or other entity following district policy.

    Request for Information or Complaint:

    Referral of these requests and complaints are to be given directly to the SHAC chairperson. The Chairperson will keep a record of all complaints and requests to give to the SHAC during the next scheduled meeting.

School Health Advisory Council SHAC Meeting... Upcoming Meeting May 11, 2023 at 6pm at CO.

SHAC Meeting Information