Uvalde CISD continues to work with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC) to conduct a full safety and security audit of all district property. The House Investigative Committees Interim Report reinforced the safety and security enhancements that are already underway across the district.

  • Campus Safety & Security Preparation


    Work Currently Underway

    • Installing new 8-foot, non-scalable perimeter fencing at the elementary and junior high school campuses; logistics for perimeter fencing at the high school campus are currently underway

    • Installing additional security cameras across the district

    • Upgrading doors and door locks

    • Providing additional training to all staff on the Raptor system

    • Enhancing annual rapid response training for all staff

    • Ongoing safety audit conducted by the Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC)

    • Reviewing and revising standing policies and procedures

    • Additional training for all staff on updated policies and procedures

    • Additional training for the district police force

    • Opportunities to update or upgrade communication systems, including police radios and cellular connectivity



    Designmaster donated 8-foot non-climb fencing material for Dalton Elementary, which was delivered last week. Additional Designmaster fencing materials have been ordered for Uvalde Elementary (the Benson Complex), Batesville, UDLA, Flores, and Morales Junior High. Uvalde High School will be measured, and a timeline developed.



    Video camera systems with additional cameras will be installed on all campuses.

    camera progress



    The district and security consultants have designed designated points of entry for Dalton, Batesville, Uvalde Elementary (the Benson Complex), UDLA, Flores, Morales Junior High, Uvalde High School, and Crossroads to create a one-entry passage to the campus for visitors. Work has begun, and we expect work to be completed by the first day of school.




    Evaluate and Audit Communication and WiFi at all campuses and find solutions for troubled areas.