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  • Welcome to Uvalde C.I.S.D.! As an employee, you are part of a team that has made this district a community asset, a respected district, and a leader in higher education. We wish you success this school year, and we hope that you quickly feel at home. At U.C.I.S.D., every position is important. We hope you will immediately connect with our core values of people, learning, partnerships, relationships, sustainability and stewardship. Your commitment to these values is critical for our mutual success in academic quality, student success, research and innovation, and community and economic development.

TRS Annual Enrollment July 1st-August 7th!

  • TRS Active Care Annual Enrollment runs from July 1, 2019 till August 7, 2019

    Annual enrollment for TRS Active Care Insurance is underway. The plan year will be effective 9/1/2019. (1st premium will be deducted from your August payroll) TRS will have a passive enrollment this year. What that means for current employees, is that unless you will be: enrolling for the first time, dropping/adding a dependent or moving from one plan option to another, there is nothing you will have to do. You will remain on the same plan and will NOT receive new cards.

    If you will be making changes, Aetna has created an on-line tool that will be very helpful in helping you make an informed choice on your health plan.

    Please Note: This enrollment is ONLY for Medical Coverage. Open Enrollment for optional benefits like dental, vision, cancer, etc., will be held in October.

    Call or e-mail Cynthia Robles, crobles6779@uvaldecisd.net, 830-278-6655 x1046 if you need help enrolling or have any questions.

    Open Enrollment Directions:

    visit: https://benefits.ffga.com

    Click on How to Enroll

    Click on Enrollment Site Button

    Login: your social security number (#########)

    PIN: last four digits of your social and the last two digits of the year you were born (######)


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