• Student Parking


Parking Rules 2022-2023

  • Driving a vehicle to school is a privilege, not a right. UHS reserves the right to search, suspend, or revoke student-parking privileges. Uvalde High School also reserves the right to amend the parking rules as needed. All persons and vehicles in UHS parking lots must adhere to the policies presented in the UHS Parking Rules.

    UHS students who drive to school are expected to:

    1. Know the UHS Parking Rules,
    2. Adhere to the UHS Parking Rules, and
    3. Accept the consequences for violating any UHS Parking Rule(s) as deemed by the campus administration:

    UHS Parking Rules

    Students may NOT park in the front circle of the school or in the Staff Parking Lot under any circumstances.

    • Vehicles without a valid permit and/or vehicles improperly/illegally parked may be subject to disciplinary action to include towing.
    • Students who give, sell or otherwise misuse their permit may lose the privilege of parking on campus.
    • If a student should sell the vehicle to which the permit is attached or change the vehicle he/she is driving to school, that student MUST provide the new vehicle information to the secretary in the Assistant Principal’s Office.
    • Early dismissal for medical or other appointments must be cleared with the Front Office.
    • Students may NOT go out to any school parking lot or to any vehicle during school hours for any reason without permission from a school administrator.
    • Permits MUST be displayed AT ALL TIMES.
    • Prior year permits are NOT valid.
    • Students are to park only in their designated parking area using only one parking spot.
    • Students are not to drive recklessly.
    • Students are not to move vehicles or go to and from them during the school day.
    • Students are not to use their vehicles to leave campus unexcused. If they do, their driving privileges may be suspended or revoked.
    • No loud sound systems
    • No display of obscene, indecent or offensive language or symbols written or affixed to the vehicle.
    • No parking off the pavement. 
    • If a driver or legal owner of the vehicle refuses to allow a search of a vehicle after reasonable suspicion has been obtained, the student driving the vehicle will forfeit his/her driving privileges for 1 calendar year and the driver may be subject to disciplinary action. 

    If a student is caught off campus or attempting to enter or leave campus without the proper decal/justification, or purchases or attempts to purchase an additional decal for a false or fictitious purpose, policies are as follows:

    First Offense:  Loss of parking privileges for 9 weeks.

    Second Offense: Loss of parking privileges for one calendar year.

    These consequences will be given to all students riding in a vehicle, not just the driver. If a student who is not of driving age is caught, their parking privileges will be suspended from the first date they would be able to park on campus. Parking decals will be removed from the student’s car following each offense. Students will be charged $20.00 for a replacement decal following the discipline period. It will be the responsibility of the student and their family to arrange for alternate transportation during the discipline period. UCISD Bus Transportation is provided for those eligible. City police will be monitoring surrounding businesses and neighborhoods for students who are illegally parked, so it is not recommended to park off-site.

Parking Lot Permit Application